Looking for a way to refinance without high out-of-pocket fees?

Our True No-Cost Refinance is the answer.

What is a "No Cost" Refinance?

When you choose our "No-Cost" Refinance mortgage, United Capital Mortgage pays ALL your lender fees and many 3rd party settlement fees, such as the appraisal and title search, lender's title insurance, closing fees, notary and courier charges.

Who Should Use a "No Cost" Refinance Loan?

The no-cost refinance is a clear winner if ...

  • Your existing mortgage has a higher interest rate than our No Cost Refinance loan.
  • You want to get out of an ARM and into a fixed rate loan with little out of pocket expense.
  • You plan on selling your home in a few years, and don’t have time to break-even on the cost of a traditional mortgage refinance.
"I am a long time client of United Capital. I worked with them on two very easy No Cost refinance. In visiting my bank I made the mistake of entering into a transaction with them. Over 3 months later out of extreme frustration I called United Capital to see if they could help. My loan was closed 3 weeks later at a better interest rate. The team at United Capital are true Professionals." — Danielle Z

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